Why Teach:

I remember the day I chose my profession very clearly, despite it being nearly three decades ago. I was sitting with my younger sister and had just taught her the alphabet, something my mother had been trying to accomplish for quite some time. The way she beamed with pride at the realization she did it gave me a sense of pride that my five-year-old self hadn’t even known possible. It was that moment I knew I wanted to teach. I wanted to dedicate my life to creating those light bulb moments for children. Since then, I have grown up, achieved my PreK-6 teaching license, worked in the public schools for a decade, and, in 2019, started my own education-based business in the Shenandoah Valley.

My Philosophy:

I strongly believe that all students can learn; it’s just a matter of meeting them where they are. This may be spending time reinforcing prior skills to strengthen their foundational knowledge, or it could be finding new strategies that help them master new skills. I want to work with you to meet your child on their level and help them access the material being presented to them.


Orton Gillingham Intermediate Trained

Institute of Multi-Sensory Education

Teaching License PreK-6

State of Virginia

Bachelor’s of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies K-8

Western Governors University