Individualized Tutoring

I offer individualized tutoring in Winchester, Virginia. Because no two children are alike, I will being with assessing your learner to find their strengths and weaknesses. I will then create a tailored lesson plan/curriculum for your learner. I pride myself on transparency. I will share my initial assessment findings, as well as keep you updated on your learner’s progress with regular updates

Reading Tutoring

There are many facets to learning to read. Unfortunately, this means there are more chances for struggle. As a licensed elementary teacher, I can identify what area(s) your learner is struggling with and create and individualized plan to help you fill in these gaps. Some examples of areas I can help with include reading comprehension, word attack strategies, phonemic awareness, and more!

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring $45/90 minutes

Link: What is Orton-Gillingham?


Individualized, multisensory phonics instruction that targets your learner’s struggle spots. When I first meet with you learner I will conduct a variety of assessments to check find their level of phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and sight word knowledge. Once I have this information, I will create a prescriptive plan for your learner. Each week, I will adapt lessons and plans based on your learner’s performance. 

Writing Tutoring

*from first stages through five paragraph essays

Writing can be hard! An author has to remember how to spell, grammar rules, as well as how to make their reader understand what their saying. As your child’s tutor, I will aid them will all of these things. In our first session, your learner will create a writing sample for me. I will use this sample as well as conversations with you about your goals to decide the next steps for your young author. Some example goals might be word choice, being more descriptive, adding detail, grammar and mechanics, or even making the transition from stories to expository writing. 

Math Tutoring
$20/45 minutes

*up through third grade

Many people dread math because they haven’t been taught it in a way that makes sense to them. I will work with you and your learner to find what works best for them. To do this, I will teach your learner many strategies and allow them to choose what works best for them. I often tell my learners that the strategy isn’t the important part. They can use any way that works for them as long as it allows them to consistently get the correct answer.